About DC Concert Ministries

DC Concert Ministries is a Maryland based company, promoting and hosting Christian Contemporary and Gospel Music concerts in the Mid-Atlantic region.   Having promoted various styles of Christian Contemporary and Gospel Music for all listeners, we have seen many young people and adults come to know Jesus Christ, as well as those  rededicating their life to Him.  Grassroots promoting of our events by means of Christian bookstores, campus ministries, personal mailing lists, church mailing lists and networking with pastors and youth pastors has drawn many people to concerts where a message of hope through God is presented.

Our Mission

  • To provide a concert setting for music listeners of all ages, where they can have fun and enjoy fellowship while hearing messages of hope and forgiveness.
  • To provide a non-threatening environment for Christians to bring their unsaved family and friends, where seeds of salvation may be planted.
  • To present the gospel of Jesus Christ through music while encouraging spiritual growth and maturity through the concert ministry.