I had never been to DC Fest before, so didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t expect to be uplifted from the first performer, until the very last – each artist had a profound ability to move the Holy Spirit within us and to allow us to reach up and out in praise to our Lord.
Justin Kintzel – wow! His CD is awesome!
Lindsay McCaul – just loved One More Step and looking forward to getting her new CD.
Finding Favour – I had to have more, and bought their EP on iTunes the next day!
The Afters – I had some of their music – but seriously, Light Up the Sky was probably one of my favorites of the night!
Colton Dixon – edgy and outrageous – loads of talent!
Mandisa – truly gifted, truly spiritual, truly fun – this woman is the real deal!
Tenth Avenue North – another group that I have lots of their music already, but had never seen live. Can you say phenomenal? Can you say stole the show? Yeah – they were THAT good.
Third Day – 22 years later these guys still can bring a crowd to their feet! Love their music and their message – a joyful ending to an amazing night!
I look forward to next year – DC Fest will become a tradition for me if I have any say about it! And the Patriot Center was great too – a smaller venue, and I don’t think there’s a bad seat in the house! Just loved it!
Favorite moment: Mandisa working the Michael Jackson moves. So much fun – She’s an OVERCOMER, with a great smile thru life’s trials!

- DC Fest 2014 Testimonial

DC Fest was a blast!
I had so much fun at DC Fest 2013. All the musicians and artists were fabulous. Great entertainment, great worship, great music, nothing to complain about. They saved the best for last – the Newsboys! I love them! So much fun; will do it again next year.
Favorite moment: Watching the Newsboys and the drummer – oh the drummer was extraordinaire!
Opening act(s): Capital Kings, Jamie Grace, Matthew West, Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys

- JesusFreak4God